Please support me as I run for the Iowa Senate District 24 office.  With your vote, your time investments in my campaign, and with your financial support we will go forward to a victory, ‘for the people’ of Iowa Senate District 24. Four Republicans, and two Democrats, are each asking for your support to get into the November General election runoff. Only one in each party will go forward, after the Primary. June 2 is the Primary, and November 6 is the General election.  Please request your absentee ballot, for the June 2nd primary, not later than May 22nd.  Yard signs are available, and even just $2 (one less coke or cup of coffee) in a district with 41,000 eligible voters  can make a big difference. Go to my website, or Facebook page, to donate directly to my campaign through Act Blue.

Thanks for your support!





Right to Vote/ Right To Life/ Right To Personal Choice: Much is made by Republicans as to their Rights. This is a ‘false choice’, guaranteed no where but in the […]


We are happy to announce that Keith has been endorsed by the Iowa AFL-CIO.That endorsement required a 2-hour participation discussion as to current Iowa labor issues, to ‘familiarize’ candidates as […]

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