Child Care, Teacher Pay, and Additional Revenues For Clean Water and Air Initiatives

Child Care, Teacher Pay, and Additional Revenues For Clean Water and Air Initiatives:

Current revenue policy by Republicans is just ‘more of the same’; tax cuts, TIF and other tax credits for business, and lowering the marginal tax rate for corporations. None of this works to provide short term money, especially when hundreds of millions of dollars is going into the failed Iowa Medicaid privatization.

In the past 3-years, added Medicaid payments have exceeded an average $100,000,000 per year, with no “promised” budget savings. Cuts to schools and other programs are the result of that failure, as are higher income and other taxes. Iowa should look to ‘user fees’ for parks, recreation and other amenities, but also put a franchise/carbon tax/or climate tax on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) oil flows. South Dakota has an ‘extraction tax’ on oil, hence no income taxation.

Alberta Canada has a ‘carbon tax’ on Canadian Tar Sands oil, hence no income taxation. California has a ‘cap and trade’ tax system with China, due to their extensive ‘clean energy’ footprint. Over 60 countries, and entities in the Middle East and China’, have some form of carbon payment charges as part of their ‘climate mitigation’. 23,000,000 gallons of oil a day pass through Iowa now, free except for the small property tax 17 counties collect on the steel pipeline.

A 5% tax on todays $20/barrel of oil would generate $2,080,000 in revenues for Iowa. If that oil came back into Iowa as gasoline (which it will not as this oil goes to Texas and then overseas), it would add less than $.03 per gallon to our cost ($15/year at 10,000 miles on a car that get 20 mpg). All of us pay user, sales or franchise taxes for gas, for internet, for the 911 system on our phones, for property taxes, etc.

So why should DAPL get a free ride, when any spill will affect our property and surface drawn drinking water? $200 million per year, or more if oil goes above $20/ barrel, buys a lot of change to Iowa’s budget for childcare, health care, teacher pay, first responder training and equipment needs, or clean energy, air and water initiatives.

Norway, Russia, Saudi and other Middle East countries, etc. have ‘Sovereign Wealth’ funds where proceeds from natural resource extractions and sale are aggregated for future National investment in infrastructure and other needs for the benefit of every citizen. These fund national job training, clean energy development, etc. and are independent of political manipulation. US capitalism sells our natural resources to the most politically connected, the billionaire class, and multi-national (often foreign state sponsored) entities, with proceeds spent as part of our general budget obligations.

In America today, there is little that is not ‘for sale’.