Right to Vote/ Right To Life/ Right To Personal Choice

Right to Vote/ Right To Life/ Right To Personal Choice:

Much is made by Republicans as to their Rights. This is a ‘false choice’, guaranteed no where but in the fantasy of their minds. All individual ‘rights’ end at the tip of our nose, and the space between us as we ‘socialize’ is common public ground, owned by no one and shared by everyone as public space.

Vote by mail should be allowed and encouraged, even in caucus or other activities, as no one should lose their vote because of work, illness, or other obligations.

Right to life exists only within yourself and cannot be delegated or dictated to others. Right to personal choice is the alter ego to the right to life.  The right to vote is the community expression for your values, but only so long as the rights of others are protected as well.

With Rights come Responsibilities, and Accountability then follows.