Rural v Urban Jobs and Opportunities

Rural v Urban Jobs and Opportunities:

State revenues and disbursements need to reflect the structural and cost differences of where Iowans live. Equal opportunity is not defined by space, location, or occupation unless the county and regional issues are fairly dealt with, from an ‘opportunity cost’ analysis. This applies to schools, internet, infrastructure, health care, and quality of life issues.

School busing should be a state, not rural county expense, which allows per pupil costs to be fully applied to K-12 students. Mental health opportunities need to be equalized and again supported by State, not county property tax funding, just as the Iowa Courts are state funded.

Job opportunities need to be linked to the AEA’s  and colleges by regions, thus leveraging the State investment of $300 million for ICN cost into both telemedicine and educational opportunities down to the county and city levels. And community libraries should receive increased state support funds as the local social and educational link for all in the community on a year-round basis.