How To Measure My Campaign, and Good Government Results

We need to ask the simple question: “Am I better off today than the same election I voted in _____ years ago?” If not, it is time for a change in Leadership. Or as my mother used to say:    ‘‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result shows either lack of education or stupidity. Don’t be stupid!”

These may be uncertain times, but leaders rise up to challenges when people are hurting and 

 suffering, no matter what station in life they now occupy. These are some of the issues that currently need a new Iowa solution:

Health Care (Includes mental health, drug dependence, suicide prevention, etc.)

The US spends $3.2-3.4 trillion each year; twice more than any other developed nation. The US has poorer results for maternal and childcare, and diabetes, cancer, heart, smoking and other issues dominate 1/3 of our costs. 20% of suicides are by Veterans and 10+% of female suicides are under 18. 20%+ of US citizens are uninsured or under insured. And losing your job means losing your health care as well. Corporations pay 14-17% of income for employee health costs, and worker take home wages are reduced for this as well. Administration costs for competing private health plans eat 20% of insurance payments. Even in the public sector, there are no real cost containment measures, like reducing drug prices and other similar items. 

Other countries have universal health care, not tied to jobs, and funded by national revenues. South Korea gives everyone a secure (credit card) ID with all needed information on a chip. It is swiped at the beginning of health visits to validate payments. Most developed countries allow some form of additional private insurance and use a single standard form for processing every visit. The US VA system does this as well and is allowed to negotiate for drug pricing for its patients. The VA also has ‘telemedicine’ that allows out of area consultation. $1.4 Trillion of US uncompensated medical costs have been linked to 80 US companies and their air borne particulates from fossil fuels and our unregulated manufacturing sectors. Diabetes, obesity, drug use, and other unhealthy behaviors have been directly linked to poverty. As has the lack of access to healthy foods at reasonable costs (food deserts), etc.

Mental health, eyeglasses, dental care, hearing aids, etc. are part of a health care system  for total health care. And long term, end of life services, should be integrated as well.