Why I Run

Why Run

Every day I get up I see a special picture of my granddaughter, now 9, but 7 at the time it

 was taken. She is in her pretend tent, in her room, on a day when a hurricane bore down on her parent’s home. She has on a headband with a flashlight to pierce the dark, and a smile on her face because she knows she is loved, and her parents are nearby to protect her! I know there are others just like her with a very different fate. I am called and have the leadership skills to do something about that, in Iowa, and join with others across the United States to create a ‘people centric economy’, as the issues we all face are universally similar no matter where we live.

What Needs To be Done

 We all grow up in the belief that America is the land of opportunity for all. This is compounded by a belief that our system of Capitalism, the State and US Constitutions, and our courts treat us all equally. That a ‘more perfect union’ is not an ideal, but a creed to guide us in our daily life. With the US Supreme Court decision of “Citizens United”, the politics of money and corporate influence into elections now threatens our Republic, and voting rights, in ways the Founders never imagined.

What Has To Happen

We need to take back control of every level of government in the US and make it ‘people centric’, not beholden to those with the most money, the well connected, and those who put control of power over the interests of the public. As Henry Ford said: “ If those who make my cars can’t afford to own them, this factory will close”. This needs to become our ‘test’ for governance as well.